Industrial & Marine paint

  • Resin for Coatings (PU, Saturated Polyester, Acrylate).
  • Flow and Levelling Agent, Pigment Dispersing Agent, Wetting Agent, Slip Agent, Anti-Foam Agent, Acid Catalyst, Blocked Acid Catalyst, Tin Catalyst, Adhesion Promoter, Rheology Control Agent.
  • Emulsion wax, micro dispersion wax, dispersion wax, micronized wax.
  • Functional fillers for coatings ( Hydrous Kaolin, Barium Sulphate, Silica, Feldspar, Nepheline Syenite, ATH).
  • Iron Oxide, organic and inorganic pigments.
  • Carbon black.
  • Zinc Dust, Zinc Oxide.
  • Thickener (HEC, HPMC).
  • Light stabilizer and anti-oxidant.